Friday, June 27, 2008

Sweet Success!

After a couple of near successes earlier this week, I have found my equipment combo that works wonderfully!
  • My oblong shiny steel roaster with domed glass lid.
  • In a box stuffed with old cotton towels.
  • I added a layer of foil to the inside bottom of the roaster, because it was discolored and not so shiny from using it as a roaster.
  • Added two cake rakes to elevate the cooking vessel... and I may use other stands to elevate the vessel even more. Today I noticed a shadow on the cooking vessel if it got too near the front edge... so raising up a little more just might reduce the cooking time.... I'll post updates on this.
  • 8" x 8" charcoal gray/black WearEver baking pan.
  • Started cooking at 2:30 pm, pulled it out at 4:30 pm.
I set the oven out to heat up while I mixed up the batter. Same batter as the one I cooked earlier in the week.

By the time I got the batter mixed... and answered the phone... 30 minutes had passed and the oven was up towards 300, but lost almost 50 degrees when I removed the lid to place the coffee cake inside.
I went out after about 30 minutes and re-focused the oven.

Then got busy online, and lost track of time, so by the time I went back outside... 2 full hours had elapsed since putting the cake outside.

It was 'toothpick clean' done all the way around and all the way to the bottom!

The top was just starting to scorch, but since this was 100% whole wheat flour and wheat bran... a little extra toasting is a good thing... that is one of the reasons the coffee cake looks so dark brown.

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