Sunday, August 31, 2008

ARNie's Equipment

I am in the process of compiling all of my favorite equipment into this post.

As soon as I locate various online dealers for the things I use, I'll post them here.

Anchor Hocking and Pyrex Mixing Bowls in various sizes for glazers.

Wear Ever or Baker's Secret annodized, non-stick Baking Pans, 9" round cake pan, 9" Round Pie Pan, 9" Square cake pan

Steel 'Granite' Black Roaster- as an oven- lined with foil or not

My shiny steel roaster with a domed glass lid... I cannot find online anywhere.

Tempered glass lids for Crock Pots, Skillets, and pyrex stove top pots, in various sizes that I find at thrift shops and flea markets.

Reflector Supplies for Cookers
Mirrorized Plastic sheets for making panel cookers or reflectors for ovens
Sheets and rolls of various thickness and reflectivity

Where to Purchase Solar Cookers SHE Hot Pot: Aluminum Reflector, black steel pot, glass bowl and lid Solar Dome Parabolic style cooker, AND a glass Cooking Dome Global Sun Oven
Solar Cooking International's Marketplace page of cookers and supplies

Solar Cooking Nut- My Mentor

SCN has dozens of videos showing her techniques and methods for Solar Cooking. Her knowledge was invaluable for helping me to fine tune my own cookers and cooking methods.

Solar Cookers & Ovens- Links & Plans

Solar Cooking Links- Mega Lists

Experiments & Simple cookers for Kids or Classes
David Delaney's improved soda 2 liter bottle water pasturizer
Original Soda Bottle pasturizer
Super easy cooker for baking apple slices

How Solar Cooking Works- MUST READS
This is an excellent overview of Solar Cooking principles and methods
Several experitments and articles on improving Solar Cooking pots, glazers, and methods for creating the greenhouse effect.

Solar Cookers, not ovens
Modified Funnel Cooker
Unique Parabola Cooker
using Satelite dish for a cooker, and wonderful explanations of how it works
Plans for making your own parabola/parvati style cookers
This has numerous plans for Funnel and Prabola style cookers.

Solar Oven Plans & Articles
Interesting Box Oven made from an aluminum roasting pan
An awesome article on building and usind a Box Oven with flared reflectors
Basic Box oven, but larger than most
another Box Oven, but uses freezer bags for glazer

Misc. Solar Energy Links
Build It Solar-All things Solar Energy
Optimum orientation for Solar Panels
Angle of Solar Panels equals your Latitude
Green Power Science at YouTube

Friday, August 22, 2008

New Equipment!

I purchased a Wear Ever anodized non-stick cake pan... standard round cake pan 9 inches across.
It almost suspends inside a 4qt Anchor Hocking mixing bowl, so I placed the 2 cup Anchor Hocking bowl in the bottom of the larger bowl to act as a support.
Add a glass lid for a skillet, and this works very well.
I cooked a small tv dinner in this today. It took only 2 hours-from freezer to hot enough to eat- in my twin bowl cooker.