Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Brownies or chocolate Rocks

These are the brownies from a box, that I substituted applesauce for the water.

The Dark spot on the left is where the top scorched just a bit.

The unfortunate fact is... once these cooled, they were hard as a rock. Does anyone know if boxed mixes have chemicals that react to radiation... like microwaves or solar heat. These were just as tough as something you over cooked in the microwave.

Although I didn't get a picture, the coffee cake I made from scratch the next day was much better.

I did goof and over compensate for the dried out brownies and added pineapple chunks to help add slow release moisture to the cake. I also put a lid on these to trap moisture.... and then didn't get to let the over heat up, nor did I let these cook as long.

The cake was a little under-done, or just really gooey. My next experiment will be to cook this recipe without the pineapple, and probably reduce the moisture, too.... but leave the lid on.

Today is looking like overcast, so my experiments will probably need to wait for tomorrow.

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