Monday, October 27, 2008

SAMFA Eco Fair 2008

Saturday was the 2nd annual San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts Eco Fair and Family Fun Day.

I was there to promote Solar Cooking and the class I would be hosting the next weekend through Angelo State University's Continuing Studies Division.

The day was absolutely perfect! Clear skies, nice and cool (below 80F) until late in the afternoon.

I took these cookers with me:
My twin steel bowls with windshield shade
My shiny roaster oven with windshield shade
A third windshield shade shaped into a funnel, but set on its side
A CooKit variation made from 2 Pecan Sandies case boxes
A small box corner panel cooker with David Delaney's Soda Bottle water pasturizer

As an afterthought, my husband sent his 'Bass Fish' Thermometer with me... that is on the 4 wheel dolly in the back ground (top left corner).

The 'sandwich' sign stand had my posters on the 3 basic principles of Solar Cooking (you can find these in other posts) and a collection of photographs of different types of cookers.

I was busy talking to folks, so I only got pictures at the beginning of the day, before anyone was there.

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