Monday, October 27, 2008

SAMFA Eco Fair 2008 - conclusion

We had a wonderful turn out for this fair; and to my delight, there were lots of folks who had already heard of solar cooking, but they didn't have enough information to seriously consider doing this on a full scale.

I had several Girl Scout leaders who were so excited to see this in such a large operation, or some had seen this done at training seminars but in really small cookers. All the scout leaders were already planning how to incorporate this into their meetings. Some of the leaders were even considering having me come to do seminars for them.

Several home school families were there and thrilled with the science that could be taught from the soda bottle pasteurization unit. One 10 year old boy had already tried to build a solar oven, but did not achieve the temperatures he knew should be there... so I talked to him and his parents on ways to improve his cookers and ovens.

Of course, there were folks who were stunned at the notion, and amazed at the fact I saved between $50-$75 a month off my electric bill this summer just by cooking outside.

Yes, it was a truly wonderful day, and I had a great time. I will do this again next year at the Eco Fair, and any other opportunity I get.

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