Thursday, July 17, 2008

Steel Bowl Cooker

I took 2 steel mixing bowls, added a car reflector and created a solar cooker similar to a Parvati or a Parabolic cooker.


tsponheim said...

Hi. Very interesting design! I added your design to this page: Windshield Shade Solar Cooker


Tom Sponheim
Solar Cookers International

nuts said...

Hey Arnie,

I have been thinkign of building a solar cooker ..and trying my hand at soalr cooking since long .. the ones on amazon are too expensive ..i came across your post .. can you share detaield instructions on how to make this one and may be 1 recipe give me some idea on hwo to cook in it ? ( lets say jsut boil some beans) ?
my id is if you could add solar cooker from arnie it would be great for me to make sure ..i don;t miss you mial :) i am lookign forward to start solar cooking